Caribbean Culture in the age of the Coronavirus (Covid-19)

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I came, I saw, I conquered: If the Coronavirus adopted a slogan, this would be it. The novel coronavirus has had the power to close borders, topple economies, restrict travel, and sever social connections. With the crippling impact that the Coronavirus has had on the world, Durham Carifest 2020 will be rescheduled. It’s hard to imagine what the new “normal” will be once the economy reopens; but, amid all this uncertainty, there is one thing that is steadfast and unchanging…summer is coming!

Adapt, Connect, Engage

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Summertime in Durham has always been active with events celebrating the people and traditions of the Caribbean. The vibrancy of the Caribbean is such that even in times of pandemic, we find innovative ways to celebrate and enjoy our culture. The Caribbean culture is a vibe that cannot be contained, a beat that cannot be silenced and music that must be played. The Coronavirus may have caused us to stumble but in pure Caribbean form, we rise, and we adapt. We adapt by building robust virtual communities to serve as a conduit across physical distance. Through social media, we connect, engage, and celebrate the Caribbean – virtually.

The Virtual Caribbean

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There are a plethora of virtual Caribbean communities hosting parties. These virtual parties allow you to enjoy the signature sounds of the Caribbean, soca, and reggae from the comfort of your own home. You can connect via Facebook live, Instagram, or Zoom and opt for the free parties or pay for one of the more exclusive options. So, go online and be apart of the virtual world - Caribbean style. Remember, the Caribbean culture is not a spectator sport; be prepared to engage. Grab some water, get a rag, clear some space, and get ready fi wuk up yuh waist. Coronavirus who? We are the Caribbean tech(nically).